General Questions

Clearspring Killer? Share button? huh?

1. What is Organic Incentive?
Organic Incentive is an Adobe Flex tool that provides an extremely intuitive interface for users to drag-n-drop customize and brand flash widgets.
2. What features will you be first offering?
3. How many sites will the share button allow auto-embeds for?

Key Details
Ok, So how much, and when?

1. When will you launch?
2. When will I be billed?
3. How many widgets can I add share buttons to?
4. What about analytics?

So What’s in the Future for OI?
Believe us. We have big plans! Ad-systems, desktop widgets, communication portals, white-label social network integration, and more.

1. Doesn’t Clearspring already have an ad-system?
2. How do you plan to offer desktop widgets
3. So what’s this about a White-Label Solution?